Jul 13, 2012

Apple in action: IP banned [still banned, but resolved]

22:38 MSK IP address of server was banned. We are looking for exits.

Solution! Can somebody setup transparent proxy? If you set it up, please contact me.

23:59 MSK Solution works! I've reduced load to apple servers. And if we will get banned, service will extends to one more step to get started.
01:01 MSK HUGE DNS Server load.


  1. hey i can't delete the certificates how do i remove them manualy ?

  2. Fight! Fight! Fight! YEAH! Apple loosers.

  3. Goodluck to you
    I wanna do this

  4. Thanks man. It worked! until your ip got banned :( kingdoms of camelot tried and works! :)

  5. I was about to put this shit to the test and they fucked it up!!

  6. Can you not just change the MAC address of the WAN port to get a new IP? Then just tell us the new IP. Or if it's a dynamic IP then you can just restart the router again to get a new IP. Although, I suppose you know this seeing as you've discovered such an exploit.

  7. Still doesn't work. But if you already has Proxy, please tell us :)

  8. Make the code OPEN SOURCE and allow anyone to setup their own server. This is the only way to force Apple to change their code

    To recap

    1. Provide detailed instructions on how to setup the pen keys
    2. Tell us how to setup a server (Lion Server or Lion with Server apps or Linux)

    Apple can't block EVERYONE but will allow a few people to buy In App stuff without paying.

    1. I agree with this very much and I hope it happens. It is the only way we can force Apple to fix this.

  9. Tried in on my ipad, used mcdonalds hot spot thru att, downloaded certs, changed DNS, tried a bunch of stuff, but i wanted my password. I did try to follow the directions, thanks,

    Also I copied the code if that helps at all, later

  10. Ohhh, guess it helps to read thru these comments, so MotherFu.....!

  11. Do i nned to install some other proxie? I want to use this service

  12. Vamos lá! "O mundo quer isso"!

    Só imagino isso nos games!!!